About Us

We’ve helped the world’s leading creative agencies to create outstanding campaign imagery for over 13 years. Our reputation is built on high-end retouching but, increasingly, we’re extending that reputation across more complex image requirements too. Our highly skilled artists apply the same detailed craft-based approach to anything from composite images through to full CG environment builds. We work across all sectors; mixing disciplines and doing whatever it takes to generate work of the highest quality and of the greatest long-term value to our clients. And to ensure there’s no confusion, every project still begins with a briefing taken in person by the lead artist.


Retouching has been at the core of Stanley’s Post since we opened in 2004 and we employ some of the finest professionals in the business.


Our CGI team provide a full spectrum of services; from small modelling projects for composite images through to full environment builds and complex animations for multiple platforms.

In-House Studios

In-house studios are something of a speciality of ours. They put our retouching expertise in our clients’ building, providing a managed, flexible and cost-effective service with our trademark quality. In this way, we’ve supported some of the biggest and best agencies from the day they started, and pride ourselves on being genuine partners who can grow with a business.